Five Rules of 5

Say thank you 5 times a day. If you cannot find five different occasions a day to say thank you, it is because you do not think you have to be thankful for tiny things. You are wrong. Thank the guy who makes you coffee in Starbucks, thank the lady who holds the lift for you, and thank your spouse who makes you a dinner. Always be thankful.

Spend 5 minutes a day to think about the rights and wrongs. Do it when you take a shower or before you sleep. Don’t do it when you are at work or generally busy, as you will get distracted. If things you have done right keep appearing, keep doing it. If things you have done wrong keep appearing, find a way to correct or improve. Don’t give excuses to yourself.

Identify the 5 best friends of yours. They may not be the ones you have known longest, or you meet everyday, or share the most hobbies. They should know you well enough, and they should be trustworthy in any case. Tell them they are your best friends. Always remember they are your best friends and you will be around whenever they need you. When you need them to bail you out or accompany you after your surgery, they will be around.

Make decisions that you will not regret 5 years later. Between two jobs, between two flats, between do or don’t. Always be considerate to you future self 5 years later. A tough decision now may result a comfortable future.

Use 5 seconds a day to appreciate that you are alive. If you believe in a personal god, be thankful. If you don’t, look into yourself in front of a mirror for 5 seconds in the morning. You exist. You are here. You are clever enough to use only 5 seconds to be thankful. Get rid of all negative thoughts to kick-start a day. If you kill yourself yesterday or get hit by a bus last night, you will not be standing in front of the mirror appreciating life.

Take the chance to commit to these rules in the new year.